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みずほ銀行 銀座中央支店
普通預金 1374611
名義人 株式会社 銀座長州屋
​ご注文前に[販売規定] をご覧ください。

Lifetime warranty
On the Ginza Choshuya homepage, only excellent items are listed, regardless of their price, and we guarantees their authenticity without a set period of time (as long as custmers own  items). The term "guarantee" here means that if the product is not genuine, we will immediately repurchase it at the selling price.

Cooling off

If you have any inconvenience or dissatisfaction with the product you purchased, please return it. We have a cooling-off period of up to 7 days after purchasing the product.
*Please contact us separately for customers living in foreign country.

Free shipping (Purchase amount 50,000 yen or more)

We will be responsible for packaging and shipping the product to the purchaser who lives in Japan. Ginza Choshuya will bear all packaging and shipping costs, as well as insurance costs for the product during transportation. In addition, we will pay the shipping costs when returning the item, so please send the item back by cash on delivery.
*Please contact us separately for overseas shipping.

Bank information

Bank name: Mizuho Bank, Ltd

Branch name: Ginza Chuo Branch

Account number: 1374611

Account holder: Ginza Choshuya

Swift code: MHCB JP JT


Bank address: 1-7-10 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo-to 104-0061 Japan

Bank telephone number: 03-3561-3171


Our company name: Ginza Choshuya

Our address: 3-10-4 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo-to 104-0061 Japan

Our phone number: 03-3541-8371

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