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大江山図縁頭 銘 風柳軒 高瀬栄寿(花押)


The synopsis of "Oeyama Ekotoba" (Oeyama Emaki) is as follows.

During the reign of Emperor Ichijo, young people and princesses in Kyoto were spirited away one after another. When I asked Abe no Seimei fortune-telling, it turned out to be the work of a demon (Shuten-doji) living in Mt. Oe. Therefore, in 995, the emperor sent MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu and FUJIWARA no Yasumasa to subjugate the land (or issued an imperial decree to MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu in 990.

大江山図縁頭 銘 風柳軒 高瀬栄寿(花押)
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